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DEEPSPORT™ Travel Sleep Sacks

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  • $ 119.99

Includes: 1 Sleep Sack


  • S:  Fits sizes 5’2” and under
  • M: Fits sizes 5’10” and Under
  • L/XL:  Fits sizes 6’11” and Under

  • American Made: Our travel sleep sacks are made is the USA.
  • Portable: With the DEEPSPORT™ travel sleep sack, you can easily bring your sheets with you wherever you go. Our sleep sacks fit in your carry-on, backpack, gym bag or duffle bag.
  • Patented Cooling Fabric: The patented Dermatherapy® technology in our sheets significantly decreases night sweats to keep your body cooler, drier and safer while traveling.
  • Antibacterial: DEEPSPORT™ is 99.99% effective against bed bugs and odor-causing bacteria found in hotel rooms, airplanes, cruise ships and more.