Over 50 million Americans experience poor sleep.

Let that soak in. Everyday the Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, USA Today or NY Times publish an article about sleep or the effects of sleep on your health and well-being. If you’ve researched how to gain quality sleep, you’ll likely see many of the same suggestions. Obviously, genetics play a role, but you should also reflect on your daily habits.

  • Do you have a lot of stress in your life?
  • Are you generally a happy person?
  • Do you live an active lifestyle?
  • Do you watch what you eat?

Diet is proven to be a real contributor to your quality sleep, especially what and when you eat throughout your day. Drinking caffeine, alcohol and even smoking play a role in the quality of rest you get each night.

Even with all of these factors in mind you can help your body out by keeping your room’s temperature at 65 - 68 degrees, as well as sleeping in a pitch-black room. That means — ditch your computers, cell phones and ipads in your bedroom. It’s also important to find a mattress and pillow that supports your body type.

But the secret ingredient that no one ever thinks about are the sheets you sleep on that your skin touches every night. Did you know your skin is the largest organs in your body? It is! Although, the cotton industry has done a remarkable job marketing cotton as the only textile for bedding, it’s technically not the best for giving you a well-rested night of sleep. The key to good nights sleep is sleeping on performance based sheets and pillowcases, not Egyptian cotton.

Fun Fact: Egyptian cotton does come from Egypt but they do not produce enough of it to commercialize it around the world.

There are only a handful of companies who make performance cool bed sheets. Some are made with bamboo cotton, others are made with blends of cotton and spandex, and finally there are true performance cooling sheets. They are made of nylon and polyester, similar to the performance wear we use to workout and train in.

DEEPSPORT performance sheets actually are clinically tested to guarantee to wick away moisture, for a drier, cooler night of sleep. Most companies in the performance bedding space, have not taken the necessary steps to ensure their claims are real. Having a clean, dry and cool sleep environment, will allow you to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. If you’re looking for a quick, long-lasting fix to change your sleepless nights, it’s your bed sheets.

Change your sheets and change your life.™