Many people have trouble sleeping. One of the main issues causing this widespread issue is temperature fluctuation during the night.  Changes in body temperature can cause you to wake up, turn over, and alternate your pillow looking for that one cool spot.

Night sweats in Men and Women

In general, most men tend to sleep hot and most women tend to sleep cold.  There are many scientific reasons contributing to this from genetics and weight to low blood pressure and room temperature.  Sleep doctors and sleep specialists recommend a variety of ways for both men and women to get a quality sleep, including:  eating a healthy diet, exercising often, reducing caffeine & alcohol intake, ensuring complete darkness and removing cell phones from bedroom room,  sleeping on a firm mattress with a firm pillow, etc… but most importantly keeping your bedroom temperature between 65 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit.  

How to Sleep Better At Night

Since we sleep comprises a third of our lifetime, we need to ensure that we do it well. Investing in quality sheets that work with our bodies and not against them is key in achieving a good night sleep. Unfortunately, traditional cotton sheets do not breathe well, wick moisture or wick body oils - instead, they absorb them. This means that your body is not only fluctuating temperature through the night but also accumulating unclean residues that could lead to issues beyond a bad night’s sleep. At the end of the day, you need a cooling sheets and cooling pillows that truly perform.

DEEPSPORT performance sheets are revolutionizing how both men and women sleep across the globe. Our patented technology actually feels cool to the touch and also keeps your body temperature regulated through the night. No more night sweats.

Don’t leave the most important variable of a good night’s sleep off the table.  Choose DEEPSPORT and reap the benefits of a cooler, drier and DEEP sleep.


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