Many people struggle to get a good night’s sleep because of sweating at night.  Night sweats can affect everyone from men to women and even kids.  Also known as “sleep hyperhidrosis,” which refers to excessive sweating during sleep, night sweats can result from many reasons.


What Causes Night Sweats?

Sweating is the body’s natural cooling system to prevent overheating.  Many endurance athletes and football players who train in the hot sun all day metabolisms may boost at night, which may cause the body to sweat.  Women going through menopause or postpartum may also experience hot flashes and or night sweats.  In addition, there are many illnesses, side effects to medicines, obesity, cancer, anxiety, Parkinson’s and cardiovascular disorders that can cause uncomfortable sweating through the night.  

Achieving a good night’s sleep is critical to your well-being, so if night sweats are keeping you awake, there are solutions.  


3 Ways To Reduce Sweating At Night:

1. Temperature 

    Check the temperature in your room.  Sleep doctors and specialists always suggest a room temperature between 65 – 68 degrees.

    2. Clothing

    What clothes or pajamas you wear can have a huge impact on your temperature throughout the night.  Ideally, you want to wear minimal clothing.  Sleeping in your underwear with a lightweight shirt is recommended.  You should wear non-synthetic clothing.  Many people have found that silk feels cooler when they sleep.


    3. Performance bed sheets and pillowcases

    Cotton sheets, even high thread count cotton sheets have no cooling or wicking properties.  You need to find performance bedding that is made of nylon and polyester. A fabric that wicks moisture and keeps your body drier and cooler can eliminate night sweats, even the first night.  DEEPSPORT performance sheets are one of the only brands that we’ve found to accomplish the goal of eliminating night sweats.  

    For menopausal or postpartum women that wake up with beads of sweat between their breasts and/or sweat behind their neck, DEEPSPORT has been clinically proven to eliminate night sweats in the first night of use.  


    The Verdict

    You cannot put a price tag on a good night’s sleep and what it truly means to your daily life.  If you are experiencing sweating at night, find performance based bedding.  There is a reason we train in performance wear to keep us drier, wick moisture and keep us cooler.  The same premise can be for bedding as well.  Most people don’t think of their sheets as the solution.  Now you know!


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